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" Azadari - The philosophy of the uprising of Imam Hussain a.s & the importance and purpose

The Need of Majlis e aza

Some individuals think that Majlis is just a mere tradition and custom coming from their ancestors. Some children say that without choice, they have to attend the Majlis because of their parents peer pressure. Brothers and Sisters! Majlis is a religious responsibility for all. There was a time before, when Sunnis used to organize Majlises. They used to give Niyaz and even till today they contribute to the expenses of Azadari but unfortunately a category of individuals came and unnecessarily created disputes between the Muslims and dragged people away from such an important institution.

The Wisdom behind Majalis e aza

Majlis e aza is not a tradition because a tradition is something that is left by ancestors. Ancestral traditions are not initiated by religion and consequently these memorial ceremonies are not customs left by our elders or ancestors. The Holy month of Ramadan is not a tradition and is a month of reviving the Quran, which results in the revival of Islam and the honor and salvation of the Muslims. In the same manner, the month of Muharram is not a tradition; it is the time of reviving the message of the Ahlulbait (AS), which will result in the revival of the Ideology of the Prophet (PBUH) and the reformation of Ummah which is the path to eternal success. People organizing, reciting and attending Majlises should take care that the sanctity of this congregation should be preserved. No slogan should be raised from the floor which results in the demolishment of sacredness. The orator sitting on the pulpit should not smear any sanctuaries because if a Muslim is slighted from the pulpit, the sacredness of Muharram will become trampled.

Intelligence (Hosh) is a must with fermentation (Josh)

Most Muslims today become fermented and fervent very quickly but this state diminishes rapidly. Our ferment and fervour is temporary and thus fades away quickly. Example: The stand taken by the Muslim Ummah to defend the sanctity of the Prophet (SAW) in response to the blasphemy committed was out of rapture; however this stand lasted only one day, hence showing it was temporary. The very next day, all protests cooled down and everyone became relaxed. This quality of fermentation (Josh) and becoming raptured is important but requires intelligence (Hosh) and guidance. An individual must understand how to use this fermentation in the correct manner. In order to start any movement, having fervour and rapture (Jazba) is a must but it must be adjoined with sense and intellect. If it is alone, the spirit will diminish in no time and one may become ignorant of the enemy. This will result in building friendships and ties with the enemy which is exactly our situation today.

Since when has the series of Blasphemy started?

In this era, the greatest blasphemy was done in America where a movie humiliating the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was produced. This vulgar act had an effect on the feelings of Muslims who in response stood up for some time and then again returned back to their normal conditions. This series of profanity has not begun in the last two years; instead it started at the time of the Prophet (SAW) when he was in Mecca. In Mecca the work of a certain group of people known as the Quraysh, was only to humiliate the Prophet (SAW). These people of ignorance dishonored the Prophet (SAW) in every manner they could and even the Quran narrates their despicable behavior on various occasions.

The series of blasphemy began from that time. Another category of people who respected and defended the Prophet and his Sanctity, also originated from Mecca (both groups started since then). History clearly mentions that when the Prophet (SAW) came and announced His message of Prophethood, only 3 people presented themselves in submission to Him. One was elder to the Prophet in relation, his uncle Abu Talib (AS), one was a lady, Prophets (SAW) wife, Lady Khadija (SA) and one was a young boy of just 12 years, Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS). These 3 immediately accepted his Prophecy without even asking him to show a miracle. Why? Because they knew that the trustworthy Prophet (SAW) does not require any proof to testify his words. Hence from that very day, both, the humiliating and the respecting force became active.

Profanity done by the Quraysh