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Majlis 4 Hazrat Hur a.s 4th Muharram

Hurr watched as gallons of water was poured on the horses. He thought:

“So much water for the animals, while the children of Bibi Fatimah are crying for a few drops of water. There is so much water for the animals but none for the grandson of the Holy Prophet.”

“Al-Atash! Al-Atash! Al-Atash!”, echoed through Hurr's ears.

Hurr could not take it anymore. He called his son and said:

“My son, I have made a terrible mistake. I have brought such a pious and truthful man here to be killed. Please, my son, quickly take me to Imam Husayn. I want to beg him to forgive me before it is too late. I am ashamed of myself. Will Husayn forgive me? How can I face him?”

Hurr continued:

“My son, before you take me to Husayn, tie my hands and cover my face, so that I do not have to face him while I ask for his forgiveness.”

Hurr's son did what his father had asked him to do. He tied Hurr's hands and covered his face.

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