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Majlis 5 Hazrat Aun & Muhammad a.s 5th Muharram

Bibi Zainab s.a called her brother, Husayn, to her tent.

“Brother Husayn! I have been like a mother to you, haven't I? Husayn, your mother is begging you to let ‘Aun - Muhammad go to the battlefield.”

“Zainab, my sister, Jihad is not wajib on children. How can I let my sister's sons be killed while I am still alive? No, Zainab, no!”

“Husayn, my brother! If ‘Ali Akbar dies before ‘Aun- Muhammad, how will I be able to face our mother on the Day of Judgement. My brother, I will be filled with shame. Please, brother! Let them go.”



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