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19 Ramadan Shab e Zarbat e Mola Ali a.s

The 19th night of the month of Ramadan (Mah e Ramzan), 40 A.H. marked the beginning of one of the greatest losses to humanity. A man who had given everything to others, who had been oppressed but never thought of revenge, who forgave his enemies, who helped the weak and fathered the orphans was preparing to meet his Lord. .....When it was dawn, Imam Ali [a] proceeded to the mosque slowly... He [a] arrived at the Kufa mosque and prostrated himself before Almighty Allah [swt]. At that time, ibne Muljim (May the curse of Allah befall him) dealt such a blow on his head, everything in this world became heartbroken except the face of Ali who cried out: “By Lord of the Kaaba, I am successful!” Imam [a] suffered from his wound for three days, and passed away on 21st of the month of Ramadan (Mah e Ramzan) at an age of 63 years.

اللهم العن قتلة أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام ع


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