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Surah Baqarah page 19

💠 *Page 19*

🔹 *Verse 121*

Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said, explaining the word of Allah, “Those to whom We have given the Book read it as it ought to be read”, they recite its verses slowly, and understand it, and act accord­ing to its orders, and hope for its promise, and are afraid of its threat, and take lesson from its stories, and obey its command­ments, and desist from what it prohibits.

By God, it does not mean memorizing its verses, and studying its letters, and reciting its chapters, and learning its one-tenths and one-fifths. They remembered its words and neglected its boundaries. *And what it means is meditating on its verses and acting accordinģ to its orders.*

Allah, the High, has said: "(It is) a Book We have sent down to you abounding in good, so that they may ponder over its verses” (38:29).

📚 Irshadu 'l-qulub, ad-Daylami


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