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Surah Baqarah page 11

💠 *Page 11*

🔹 *The reward of a good deed*

The story of the Bani Israel’s cow is narrated by Imam Reza (AS) as follows:

There was a virtuous young man who respected his father so much. One day he had a good customer and was about to have a profitable deal. He went to his father to get the key of his chest or room, but since his father was asleep, he didn’t awaken him and called off the deal.

When his father found out about this matter, he admired his son and gave him a cow as a gift. The young man sold the cow after God’s order and Bani Israel’s insisting in return for cow’s skin full of gold. This was the reaction of his goodness to his father.

📚 Tafsir Noor ul-Thaqalain

🔹 *Verse 74*

Imam Sajjad (AS) mentions in a hadith how the hearts of Jews hardened which may be true about us, too; _“They didn’t observe the rights of Allah, give away from their belongings, enjoin good, honor guests, help the distressed nor treat others humanly.”_

📚 Tafsir Noor ul-Thaqalain

The Commander of the Faithful (AS) said, _“The tears of eye never get dried but for the sake of hardheartedness, and the heart never acquires hard-heartedness but for the sake of excess of sins.”_

📚 Tafsir Noor ul-Thaqalain


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