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Surah Baqara page 21

💠 *Page 21*

🔹 *Verse 138*

*Color (Sibqah) of Allah!*

In this verse, God, the almighty, is describing the Monotheistic and pure religion as the color of God and that whoever embraces this faith has the color of God, the color that is the most beautiful of all.

We know that God does not have a body nor color. Thusm “Allah’s color” here, as it’s been mentioned in a hadith by Imam Sadiq (AS), means “Islam” that’s a Monotheistic and pure religion.

One who lives by Monotheistic worldview, knows Allah as the only real cause in the world and refutes all the other powers. The life of such person has the color of God.

The reason God talks about divine color here is because he’s alluding to Christian’s baptism. When they wanted to baptize a child they’d mix the water with yellow color and after the baptism the child would turn yellow, so they’d say: “He’s taken the color of Christianity” and has become sanctified from the sin inherited from Adam.

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