• Abbas

Majlis 10: Hazrat ‘Ali Asghar

Surah al-Fatiha

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Tonight is the 10th night of Muharram. Tonight is the eve of ‘Ashura’. A very tragic night. A very sad night. The last night for the 72 martyrs of Karbala’.

The last night for brothers to be with their sisters. The last night for sisters to be with their brothers. The last night for fathers to be with their children. The last night for mothers to be with their children. The last night for little Sakina to be with her beloved uncle ‘Abbas and dearest father Husayn.

Indeed, a night never to be forgotten.

A night to shed more tears. A night to do more matam.

The Night of ‘Ashura’ on the Land of Karbala’

Mothers are sitting with their children. Umm Laila is with ‘Ali Akbar, Umm Farwah is with Qasim, Bibi Zainab is with ‘Aun- Muhammad.

What are these mothers of Karbala’ telling their beloved children?

They are preparing them for Jihad. They are preparing them to sacrifice their lives. Preparing them to die!

Why? Because they know Husayn is on the right path. The right path to save Islam!

Let us send our salaams to those mothers of Karbala’ for sacrificing their most precious for Islam.

‘Abbas the Alamdar! Like every night, ‘Abbas was guarding the camp.

Where was Husayn?

Husayn had gathered all his friends and companions in his tent.

“My friends, my companions, tonight is the last night. Tomorrow is the day of ‘Ashura’. Tomorrow is the day of Shahadat - martyrdom! None of us will be spared by Yazid's soldiers.”

Imam Husayn continued:

“My friends, my companions, you have suffered enough. There is still time to save your lives. Escape in the darkness of the night. I will have no objections. I will forgive you. Go, my friends! Go, my companions!”

Imam Husayn blew the candles off. There was total darkness.

Anyone could have escaped without being seen or embarrassed.

After a while, Husayn lit the candles.

How many ran away? One? Two? Five? Ten?

No one! Why did they not run away to save their lives?

Because, my fellow Husayni, they had recognised the truth.

Because they knew Husayn was right.