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Hazrat Aun and Muhammad (AS) - The two children of Hazrat Zainab (AS)

Today I would like to dedicate my speech to the two little sons of Bibi Zainab (AS), Hazrat Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS). What hopes and feelings surge in young hearts during this time of life! How every nerve quivers with the joy of living! But there are some youths to which the cup of life is dealt in another measure. Such was he destiny of Imam Husayn’s (AS) two nephews who were gathered outside the tents on the eve of that eventful day of Ashoora.


 Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) were gathered to discuss the part they would play on the following day in defense of their uncle. There was grim determination written clearly on their young faces. Each one of them had the desire to go into the battlefield to shed his blood for his uncle. Even the few words they exchanged amongst themselves related to their anxiety lest their uncle Husayn (AS) might hold them back. They were discussing among themselves how to secure the permission of the Imam (AS) to march off into the battlefield. As Hazrat Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) entered the tents to console their mother, Bibi Zainab (AS), she turned towards them and said in a low tone, “When I was leaving Mecca, your father Abdullah asked me to take both of you with me so that, if an occasion arose, you Aun (AS) could be the deputy of your father seeking martyrdom and you Muhammad (AS), could be my offering in the cause of Islam. Hearing their mother talk in this manner touched both of them


. How could they tell their mother Bibi Zainab (AS) that they were fully prepared for the doom that awaited them; that they were both coveting martyrdom in defense of the cause of Islam and it’s invaluable principles for which Imam Husayn (AS) stood up for so boldly and firmly in the face of all odds. After having the permission from their mother, Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) were hovering around Imam Husayn (AS) with pleas to let them go. At that moment Bibi Zainab (AS) came over to Imam Husayn (AS) and for the first time requested Imam Husayn (AS) to grant her one wish of letting Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) go in the battlefield. Hearing Bibi Zainab’s (AS) request Imam Husayn (AS) replied, “Zainab, my dearest sister, I find it impossible to deny your first and last request, though my heart sinks within me.”

By having granted to go in the battlefield the two young heroes felt delighted in the midst of unbounded sorrow. After being blessed by their mother, Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) went to the battlefield.

 Hardly a few minutes had passed, when Aun (AS) came down falling from his horse and giving a cry to his uncle to come and carry his body. As if this blow was not enough, Muhammad (AS) also fell from his horse mortally wounded and shouted to Imam Husayn (AS) to come to him.

According to some traditions, Imam Husayn (AS) picked up his nephew’s lifeless bodies with tears flowing in torrents and marched towards the camp. After laying Aun (AS) and Muhammad (AS) on the ground, Bibi Zainab (AS) came over and dropped herself on the bodies of her sons. She tried to hold her tears back. With sobs she was saying: “My darlings, you have gone from this world with your thirst unquenched. You grandfather Ali will be there to quench your thirst in heaven. My beloved sons, for Bibi Zainab (AS) there is still a long weary unending future to face without you two to lighten the burden with your brave talk.

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