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Fatima Zahra s.a, The Blessed Queen of Paradise

The Prophet (sm) said about his daughter, Fatima Zahra: من آذاها فقد آذاني ومن أغضبها فقد أغضبني من سرها فقد سرني ومن سائها فقد سائني

“Whoever harms her has harmed me and whoever angers her has made me angry; whoever makes her glad has made me glad, and whoever saddens her has made me sad.”

Imam Sadiq said: “Fatima has nine names near Allah (Exalted be His Name), they are: Fatima, Siddiqah (the honest), Al-Mubarakah (the blessed one), At-Tahirah (virtuous), Az-Zakiyah (the chaste), Ar-Radhiatul Mardhiah (she who is gratified and who shall be satisfied), Al-Muhaddathah (a person, other than a prophet, that the angels speak to), and Az-Zahra (the splendid).”

Imam Baqir (A) said: “I heard Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari say: Allah’s Messenger said: “On the Day of Rising, My daughter, Fatima, shall arrive riding a female camel from among the camels of Paradise-to her right shall be seventy thousand angels and to her left shall also be seventy thousand angels; Gabriel will be holding its muzzle and calling with the loudest of voices: `Cast down your eyes so that Fatima Bint Muhammad may pass!” AllahoAkbar!

“Then shall no prophet, messenger, truthful one, or martyr remain without casting their eyes down until Fatima passes… Then a call shall come from the side of Allah, the Exalted:

My beloved one and the daughter of my beloved one; ask Us and you shall be given (whatever you wish), and intercede, your intercedence shall be accepted. By my Honor and Exaltation, the oppression of no oppressor shall pass My (judgement) today.

She (Fatima (sa)) will then say: “O Allah, My Master; My progeny, My followers, the followers of my progeny, those who love me and those who love my progeny.”

She will then hear a call from Allah’s side, may His Name be exalted: “Where are Fatima’s progeny, her followers, those who love her, and those who love her progeny?” They will then come forward, surrounded by angels of mercy, and Fatima will lead them into Paradise.”

Account of her Death:

She passed away on the 14th of Jamadiul Awwal, 11. A.H. She was buried in the dead of the night. Besides Bani Hashim, only some chosen companions of the Holy Prophet (s) like Salman, Abuzar, Ammar and Miqdad attended her funeral. Before her death, she had expressed her sufferings in a poem, a verse of which has come down in the Arabic as a proverb. She says: “So many sufferings have descended upon me that if they had descended upon bright days they would have been turned into dark nights.”

The account of the last day of her life clearly shows what kind of a Lady was this daughter of the Holy Prophet (s). She told the household that she was feeling better, the pain in her ribs and in her hands was not so severe and that her fever had come down. Then she started bathing the children, immediately Ali and Fizza came to her assistance. She got those children bathed, dressed and fed, then sent them away to her cousin. Then she called Imam Ali to her side, and said: “Ali, my dear husband! You know very well why I did all that. Please excuse my fussiness, they have suffered so much during my illness that I want to see them happy on the last day of my life Ali! You know better that my troubles will shortly be over and I shall meet my father and I am sorry to part with you. Please Ali! Remember what I say and do as I wish you to do. After me you may marry anybody you like but you must marry my cousin Yamama, she loves my children and Husain is very much attached to her. Let Fizza remain with you even after her marriage, if she so desires, she was more than a mere servant to me. I loved her like my daughter. Ali! Bury me in the night and do not let those who have been so cruel to me, attend my burial. Let my death do not dishearten you, you have to serve Islam and humanity for a long time to come. Let not my sufferings embitter your life, promise me Ali!” Imam Ali (a) said, “Yes Fatima, I promise”. She continued, “Ali! I know how you love my children but be very careful of Husain. He loves me dearly and will miss me sadly, be a mother to him. Till my recent illness, he used to sleep on my chest, he is already missing it.” Ali was caressing the broken hand while his tears rolled on her hand. She looked up and said, “Do not weep, Ali! I know what a tender heart you possess. You have already suffered much and will have to suffer more. Farewell my lord, farewell my dear husband, farewell Ali! Say farewell to me”. Sorrow had choked Ali, his words were mixed with his tears, he said, “Goodbye Faima”. Hearing this she said, “May the Merciful Lord help you to bear these sorrows and sufferings patiently. Now let me be alone with my Allah.”

Saying this, she turned towards her prayer-carpet and prostrated before Allah. After a while Imam Ali (a) entered the room and found her still in prostration but the soul dhad departed to join her Holy father in the realm of Allah’s Grace, Mercy and Might.

Lady Fatima died very young, as Imam Ali (a) says: “A flower nipped in the bud, it was from the Heaven and it went to Heaven, but has left its fragrance in my mind”. (Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 200)

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