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Al-Aqeela Courtyard after digging

The original sands of KARBALA "Sparkle Gold" near the shrine of IMAM HUSSAIN [a.s] at Al-Aqeela Courtyard after digging between the Mukhayyam of Husseini and the shrine of IMAM HUSSAIN as), the original sands of Karbala, and at a depth of (14) meters underground.

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Al Mehdi Online Quran Center is an online Quran teaching center for momineens all over the world, Its like a Shia Online Quran School where kids also learn Namaz, Wzu, Azan & much more. Do want to learn Quran Online then just click here & get registered for free trial classes. There are also shia female teachers for female students.


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Thanks so much Al Mehdi Online Quran Center for providing Online Shia Quran Teacher, We are having Quran & Wajibaats classes. mashAllah my elder son finished Quran, May Allah reward your Quran Center.

— Ali Raza, USA

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