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1st Muharram

FIRST NIGHT : A two unit prayer at the first of which Surahs al-Fatihah and al-Anam (No. 6) are recited and at the second unit Surahs al-Fatihah and Yasin (No. 36). & another two unit prayer at each of which Surah al-Fatiha once and Surah al-Tawhid eleven times

FIRST DAY Fasting is highly recommended as reported by Rayyan bin Shabib from Imam Ridha (as) “Just as He responded to the prayer of Prophet Zachariah, Almighty Allah shall respond the prayer of one who observes fasting on this day and prays to Him.” Recite 2 Rakat Salaat & lift hands & recite the following Dua 3 times :-

Take a Ghusl /bath, for cure/protection from illness .Recite the following Dua on the water to be used:- Subh'anallahi maal-al mizaan Subh'anallahi muntahal h'ilm

Glory be to Allah the Supreme balance ,Glory be to Allah the Ultimate in gentleness,

Subh'anallahi mublaghar riz'aa Subhanallahi zinatal a'rsh ;

Glory be to Allah the Goal of devotedness, Glory be to Allah the splendor of the Arsh

Recite the Begining of the Month Salaat 2 Rakat Sura Fatihah & 30 times Sura Ikhlass ,Second rakat Sura Fatihah & Sura Qadr30 times then recite the dua

Sayyid Ibn tawus has also mentioned a lengthy prayer to be said at the sight of the new moon of Muharram. Shaykh al-tusi says: It is recommended to observe fasting on the first nine days of Muharram. On the tenth of Muharram, it is recommended to abstain from eating and drinking up to afternoon. After that, one may eat a little of the soil of Imam al-husayn’s tomb (turbat al-husayn; soil taken from the area around the holy tomb of Imam al- husayn). Sayyid Ibn tawus has mentioned the merits of observing fasting during the whole month of Muharram adding that such a deed protects against committing any sin. The Third of Muharram On this day, Prophet Joseph (`a) was freed from his prison. Hence, if one observes fasting on this day, Almighty Allah will make easy any difficulty he may face and will relieve any trouble that may face him. According to a Hadith reported from the Holy Prophet (saws), Almighty Allah will respond to the prayer of him who observes fasting on this day.

Hadith of Fasting on first Muharram:

Rāyyan bin Shabeeb (the maternal uncle of Mo'tasim), says that I went to meet Imām Ali ar Rezā (a.s.) on the First day of the month of Muharram Imām Alī ibn Mūsā al-Rezā (A.S.) asked:"“O son of Shabeeb! Are you in the state of fasting today”? I (Rāyyan bin Shabeeb) replied in the negative. Imām (a.s.) continued,“This is the day when Prophet Zakariyyah (a.s.) prayed to his Lord thus:“Lord grant me from unto Thee a good offspring, Verily Thou art the Hearer of Prayers” (Surah al-Ali Imran, 3:38). Then Allāh (s.w.t.) accepted his Prayers and commanded His Angels to go and give him glad tidings regarding the birth of his son Prophet Yahyā (a.s.). The Angels came and called out to him while he was engaged in Prayers in the niche. Hence the one who fasts on this day and asks for his desires from Allāh, his Prayer will be answered as was of Zakariyāh.”

[References: Nafasul Mahmum, Chapter 3, Section 2, Tradition 1]

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