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QURAN Reading With Tajweed

About the Course

Quran reading with tajweed Online is very important because it adds perfection to the recitation of Holy Quran. Its all about reading each letter of Quran with the correct pronunciation.

We offer the Tajweed course for the kids and adults. It is our duty to read each word of the Quran correctly. It is only possible if we know all the rules of Holy Quran recitiation. Arabic is very rich language, if you pronounce words differently, the meaning with vary, so it is very important to read the Quran with correct pronunciation.

We have most qualified fiqah e jafria (Shia) Male & Female Teachers Online via Skype or Zoom.

Your Instructor

100+ Instructors

100+ Instructors

Well Qualified Fiqah e Jafria Male & Female Teachers, Available 24/7 Classes Online Via Skype or Zoom.

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