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Why we provide free trial classes?

Al Mehdi Online Quran Center provides free trial classes to every new student. The purpose of providing free trial classes is to give the student an initial experience of our teaching system & the trust of our standard of teaching.

As we take online classes via skype so the student doesn't need to buy any book or any special software, a student just needs a laptop/tab, skype software installed, a good internet & a peaceful environment. Al Mehdi Online Quran Center is here to serve Shia Muslims so we have most qualified male & female teachers online 24/7.

We are serving momineens since 2012. With the Education of Quran we are blessed to teach Ahkaam according to Fiqah e Jafria (Shia). Our teacher takes every class with Ahkaam lesson & all students are learning Namaz Wuzu Akhlaaq & Seerat e Masomeen a.s online.

Want to have free trial classes?

Being Shia Online Quran Center we made it possible to teach you Quran and Religion at your home by Shia Online Quran Center. Online learning is an easy way to learn Quran and religion A highly qualified Shia Online Quran Teacher is available at any time to teach the Quran. Apart from the Quran and Tajweed, we offer many Courses like Tafheem ul Quran, Tafseer ul Quran, NajulBalagah, Sahife Sajjadiya.

Social Benefits To New Students

  1. Online Shia Quran Teacher at a suitable time.

  2. No Registration Fees.

  3. 5-days free trial.

  4. One on one class per student.

  5. You can learn to read Quran at your own place.

  6. You can select your time and day.

Essential Requirements

  1. Personal Computer or Laptop.

  2. Headset with a microphone.

  3. Internet connectivity.

  4. Skype.

  5. Affordable monthly fee.

  6. No age limitation.


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