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Surah Hamd & Baqara

💠 *Surah Hamd*

🔹 *Verse 1*

*The meaning of Bismillah*

Imam Reza (as): _The meaning of one who says "Bismillāh" is that I put on myself one mark (or sign) of God's marks and that mark is worship (al-'ibada)._

📚 [Bihar al-Anwar, 89:230]

*Saying "Bismillāh" aloud*

Imam Reza (as): _‘Reciting “Bismillāh-ir Rahmān-ir Rahīm" aloud in all prayers is of our practice.’_

📚 [Uyun Akhbar Al-Reza 1:306]

🔹 *Verse 2*

*The meaning of Hamd*

Imam Reza (as): _"And praising Allah is performing what Allah has made obligatory upon his creation of praise, and thanking for what the servant has been granted of good."_

📚 [Nour Al-Thaqalayn 1:15]

Imam Sadiq (AS): _‘Not to commit unlawful acts is a form of expressing gratitude for a bounty. A complete expression of thankfulness is that one says, “All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds.”_

📚 [al-Kafi, 2:78]

💠 *Surah Baqara*

🔹 *Messages*

We should spend out of whatever God has provided us with, be it money, wealth, powers, knowledge, prestige, etc.


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