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Surah Baqarah page 20

💠 *Page 20*

🔹 *Verse 127*

We may understand from various verses and traditions that: Kaaba was built before Hazrat Abraham, and its foundation goes back to Adam and Eve. In the flood of Noah, it was ruined, and then God showed to Hazrat Abraham the foundations of the temple, and he rebuilt it with the help of his son, Ishmael and established the rites and usage of the sacred town.

📚 Nemuneh

🔹 *Verse 131*

*The meaning and levels of Islam*

Islam means absolute submission to God’s command, and that man does not consider himself the owner of anything but *knows God as the real owner of all creature* – including himself; his will is the will of God and makes all his effort to please God.

The lowest level of Islam is verbal confession to God’s unity and prophecy of prophet Muhammad (AS). The Islam of prophet Abraham in this verse is his absolute submission to God.

📚 Almizan


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