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Surah Baqarah page 16

💠 *Page 16*


It is narrated that, in the reign of SOLOMON, a group of people practiced sorcery and magic. Solomon worked against that, and ordered the sorcerer's notes and scripts be collected and stored in a safe. When SOLOMON died some people got access to the notes and documents, and started with teaching and publishing the occult knowledge. Some of the unbelievers availed themselves of the opportunity, and propagated that; ``king SOLOMON was not an Apostle of God, and he rather was a magician!''

Some of the Israelites too ran after all sorts of sorcery and occult knowledge which were mostly false and evil.

When our prophet Muhammand (AS), declared through the verses of Quran that; SOLOMON too, was an apostle of God; the Jews were amazed, and asked each other: ``Is that not strange that Mohammad introduces SOLOMON as a prophet of God, and not a king and magician?!''

📚 Tafsir Nemuneh

❇️ Imam Sadiq (AS) has said: *There are different kinds of magic* ;

◾One type of it is like medicine; just as doctors have a medicine for each pain and sickness, magicians too have devised a pain and problem for each health.

◾Another type is ordinary acts done with swiftness, skill and dexterity as may be called jugglery or sleight.

◾The third type is the kind of magical acts that magicians learn from their Satan friends.

📚 Bihar al-Anwar

🔴Note that all these types of magic are Haram, unless for some special uses like undoing magic.


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