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Surah Baqara page 9

💠 *Page 9*

🔹 *Verse 58*

Imam Reza (AS) has narrated from Imam Kazim (AS) about the Words of Allah [2:58] *“and say, ‘Hitta (relieve [us of the burden of our sins]),’”* that he said _"We are the Door of Hitta (Forgiveness) for you."_

📚 Tafsir Ayyashi

🔹 *Verse 61*

When hearing this part of verse 61 *“this was so because they disbelieved in the Signs of Allah and killed the Prophets unjustly; this was so because they disobeyed and exceeded the limits”* Imam Sadiq (AS) said, _"They did not kill them as by their hands, nor did they strike them as with their swords, but they heard their Hadith (words) and publicized them (did not keep their secrets and thus delivered them into the hands of their enemies). So that was taken against them, and so they were killed. Thus, they became killers and exceeders of the limits and disobeyers."_

📚 Al-Kafi, Vol 2

We may not have never killed anyone, nor separated someone from someone else and so forth, directly, but we could be held accountable for these crimes in so many indirect ways, one of which is by sharing people’s secrets. It could be sharing someone’s faith, their relationships, words, etc. So, let’s be more careful about what we say.


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