• Abbas

Surah Baqara page 7

💠 *Page 7*

🔹 *Why do we hear of Bani Israel so often in the holy Quran?*

One reason is that based on traditions many of the things that occurred to Bani Israel (as well as other previous nations) will also happen to the Muslim Ummah, so it’s necessary that we study their history carefully in order that we learn a lesson and not follow in their footsteps.

🔹 *Verse 45*

Imam Sadiq (AS) said, _“Whenever 'Alī (AS) faced a difficulty, he used to stand up for the prayer and then recite this verse: *and seek assistance through patience and prayer*.”_

📚 [Al-Kafi]

The same Imam said about this verse, _“The patience means fasting.”_

Also he said, _“When a man is confronted by a hard misfortune, he should fast. Surely Allah says: and seek assistance through patience, that is, fast.”_

📚 [Al-Kafi]