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Surah Baqara page 15

🔶️ *Page 15*

🔹 *Verse 97*

Ibn Abbas has explained the reason of the revelation of this verse as follows, “When the Prophet (SA) came to Medina, Ibn Suriya and some Jews of Fadak asked him (some questions). They said: 'O Muhammad! How do you sleep? Because we have been told about the sleep of the Prophet who would come in the last days?'

He said: _'My eyes sleep while my heart is awake.'_ They said: 'You are right, O Muhammad!

(They asked him some other questions which were replied by the holy Prophet (SA)) Then Ibn Suriya said: 'One (more) thing; if you tell (us) about it, I shall believe in you and follow you. Which angel is it that brings to you that which Allah reveals to you?' He said: _'Gabriel.'_ (Ibn Suriya) said:

'He is our enemy; he brings the (order of) fighting, hard-ship and war. And Michael brings comfort and happiness. Had it been Michael who came to you (with revelation) we would have believed in you.'”

📚 Tafsir Almizan

🔸 Based on traditions the four angels closest to Allah are as follows:

*Gabriel:* the greatest angel of Allah who's in charge of conveying divine revelation to prophets. Sometimes, he's been named as: روح، روح الامین، روح القدس

*Mikael:* in charge of creature's sustenance

*Israfil:* in charge of resurrecting the death in the hereafter

*Israel:* in charge of grasping people's souls

📚 Al-Khisal, vol 10, p. 225


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