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Surah Baqara Page 10

💠 *Page 10*

🔹 Verse 66: *Story of Bani Israel Cow*

It is Narrated from Imam Reza (a.s.) that: `A man from the children of Israel killed one of his relatives, then he took the body and put it in the path (leading) to the best of the Israelities' clans. Thereafter he came demanding (the revenge of) his blood.

People asked prophet Musa (a.s.) tell them who the killer was. Musa (a.s.) told asked for a cow by the order of Allah. (At this stage if they had taken any cow it would do it, but since they persisted (in asking for more details) Allah made it harder for them. They began their search and found such a cow with an Israelite youth. He said: “I shall not sell it but for a hide full of gold.”

Thereupon they came to Musa and informed him. He told them to buy it. So they bought and brought it. And Musa ordered it to be slaughtered. Then he ordered them to strike the dead body with its tail. As soon as they did so, the murdered man rose from the dead, and said: “O messenger of Allah! Surely it is my cousin who had killed me, and not the man against whom he has lodged his claim.”

📚 Tafsir Noor ul-Thaqalain

🔹 *Why did Allah order them to kill a _cow_ ?*

Since Bani Israel had a history of calf worship and they had a deep love for calf worship. Thus, Allah ordered them to slaughter a cow to break its sanctity for them. It’s interesting that finally, the characteristics of the cow mentioned by God matched the cow deity of ancient Egypt!

📚 Tafsir Nemuneh


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