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Surah Al Baqarah page 8

💠 *Page 8*

🔹 *Verse 54*

Imam Ali (AS) said, “Mūsa (a.s.) went to the appointed place and time, and then came back to his people; and they had started worshipping the calf; then he told them: 'O my people! you have surely been unjust to yourselves by taking the calf (for worship), therefore turn to your Creator (penitently) and kill your people, that is best for you with your Creator.'

They asked him: `How should we kill our people?' Mūsa said to them: `Tomorrow every one of you should come to Baytul-Maqdas with a knife or a piece of iron or a sword; when I ascend the pulpit of the Children of Israel you should all keep your faces hidden, so that nobody should recognize the other at his side; then you should kill each other.' Thus seventy thousands of those who had worshipped the calf assembled in Baytul-Maqdas.

When Musa finished praying with them and ascended the pulpit, they started killing each other. (This continued) until Jabrīl came down and said: `Now tell them, O Mūsa! to stop killing (each other), because Allah has ac¬cepted their repentance.'

And (by that time) ten thousand of them had been killed. And Allah revealed: *That is best for you with your Creator; so He turned to you (mercifully), for surely His is Oft-returning (with mercy), the Merciful.*”

📚Tafsir al-Qummi

🔹 *Verse 67*

Abu l-Hasan al-Madī (a.s.) said about the words of Allah: *"and they did not do Us any harm but they did harm their own selves"*: “Surely Allah is too powerful and too unassailable to be harmed or to ascribe any harm to Himself.

But He has joined us to Himself and took any injustice done to us as an injustice done to Him, and treated our love as His love; then He revealed it in a (verse of the) Qur'an to His Prophet, and said: and they did not do Us any harm, but they did harm their own selves. The narrator says: “I said, `This is the revelation?' He said, `Yes.”

📚 Al- Kafi


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