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Sayeda Fatima Al-Zahra s.a

Despite many claiming that Islam is a religion which neglects the role of women, one of the greatest role-models, guides and leaders in Islam is indeed a woman.

To Muslims, especially the followers of the Ahlulbayt (AS) , Sayeda Fatima al-Zahra (SA) holds a unique position as the most pious women ever, in addition to being daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), wife of the first Imam, Ali (AS) and mother of the second and third Imams, Imam(s) Hassan and Hussain (AS).

Sayeda Fatima (SA) came into this world after the Prophet’s (PBUH) declaration of Prophethood and official appointment.

Amongst her merits include being referred to by her father, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ), as “The Mother of her Father,” due to the unique care and love she showed him, as well as being referred to as the ''Greatest of Women of the Heavens and the Earth.'' Additionally, she is held in high regard after she became the first Martyr for Islam to die immediately after the Holy Prophet.

Imam Ali (AS) was Sayeda Fatima’s (SA) husband, this marriage was decreed by the direct command of Allah (SWT), showing the purpose behind the selection of this great woman who would be central to Imamate. Sayeda Fatima (SA) remained a devout servant to the cause of Islam, sacrificing much and in the process teaching Islamic etiquette to many.

Even after the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Martyrdom, Sayeda Fatimah (SA) displayed her bravery, valor and courage by challenging those who had usurped her rights and the Caliphate of her husband. However, after the grief of coping with such oppression and the Martyrdom of her father, Sayeda Fatima’s (SA) life towards the end is one associated with immense sadness and the legendary Bayt al-Ahzan (House of Sorrows) a place in which she could weep in peace.

Sadly her life was cut-short, by her Martyrdom in which she also lost the last of her sons, Hazrat Mohsin (AS) (who was murdered as an unborn baby).

According to historical accounts, Sayeda Fatima (SA) left this world less than six months after her fathers.


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