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Ramadan 16th Day Dua & Amaal for 16th Eve

اللّهُمّ وَفّقْنِي فِيهِ لِمُوَافَقَةِ الأَبْرَارِ،

allahumma waffiqny fihi limwafaqati alabrari O Allah: on this day, (please) lead me so that I will correspond with the upright ones;

وَجَنّبْنِي فِيهِ مُرَافَقَةَ الأَشْرَارِ،

wa jannibny fihi murafaqata alashrari And keep me away on this day from the company of the evils;

وَآوِنِي فِيهِ بِرَحْمَتِكَ إِلَى دَارِ القَرَارِ،

wa auiny fihi birahmatika ila dari alqarari And lodge me on this day, on account of Your mercy, to the Abode of Perpetual Settlement;

 بِإِلهِيّتِكَ يَا إِلهَ العَالَمِينَ.

biilhiyytika ya ilaha al`alamina Out of Your godhead; O the God of the worlds.

Amaal for 16th Eve

(Eve of 16 Ramadan)12 Rak-a’t Salaat, In every Rak-a’t, after the recitation of Soorah Al Faatih’ah, recite Soorah Al Takaathur 12 times

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