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Ramadan 13th Day Dua & Amaal of 13th Eve

اللّهُمّ طَهّرْنِي فِيهِ مِنَ الدّنَسِ وَالأَقْذَارِ،

allahumma tahhirny fihi mina alddanasi wal-aqdhari O Allah: on this day, (please) purify me against filth and dirt;

وَصَبّرْنِي فِيهِ عَلَى كَائِنَاتِ الأَقْدَارِ،

wa sabbirny fihi `ala ka’inati alaqdari And grant me on this day steadfastness against vicissitude of time,

وَوَفّقْنِي فِيهِ لِلتّقَى وَصُحْبَةِ الأَبْرَارِ،

wa waffiqny fihi lilttqa wa suhbati alabrari And lead me on this day to piety and companionship of the upright ones;

بِعَوْنِكَ يَا قُرّةَ عَيْنِ المَسَاكِينِ.

bi`awnika ya qurrata `ayni almasakini Out of Your assistance; O the delight of the poor ones.

Amaal of 13th Eve

(Eve of 13 Ramadan) Four units with Surah al-Fatihah once and Surah al-Tawhid twenty-five times.

Dua e Mojeer Recommended for 13th,14th & 15th eve of Ramadhan month

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